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  • Nitien Parmar, Chief Vastu Consultant at vastuplus
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We at Vastu Plus have been researching, studying and practising a vastu since 1991. Vastu Plus is managed by vastu experts under the guidance of Chief consultant, Nitien Parmar to provide consultancy, education and support to the people who wish to avail the benefits of Vastu shastra.
Nitien Parmar hold Diploma in Vastu from Sthapatya Veda Shikshan evam Shodh Sansthan. He is an author of various books "Vastu aur Pyramid", "Amazing pyramids for Vastu" & "1000 ways of Vastu "
He provides vastu consultations to Industries, Corporate, businesses, Hotels & Hospitals. His clients include Corporates, Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, Chartered Accountants, Architects, Builders, Hotels, Hospitals, Super Markets, Therapists, Industrialists and retailers.

He has featured in Zee T.V. Business as well as in local and national news papers and Magazines like DNA, Mumbai Samachar, Mid-day Metro, Konkan Kinara etc. He Has delivered lecture on the vastu in universities and club functions.

At Vastuplus, we are regularly connected to our client through our Bio-Monthly bulletin "Ancient Science for Modern World". This bulletin is regularly posted or emailed to all our clients.
More on research, we have developed some instruments like Premises Healing Cards, Power helix, Special copper Pyramids tools, Self Healing Cards, Power grids, Crystal Antena etc which are used to rectify the vastu defects.
We have gained a reputation for providing a confidential & highly skilled services combined with the substantial authenticate knowledge of Vastu Shastra. We have clients throughout the India as well as in UK, Canada, USA, UAE , France, Rome, Israel, Italy, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Germany, Japan & Australia

We are committed to provide our value clients the highly skilled services with a timely back up supports. .

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