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Professional Vastu Services

Professional Vastu Consultation Services

Land, Building or office selection Stage

At the earliest stage is land, building or office selection which involves inspecting the plot and its surrounding to see if it supports the endeavor of the prospective buyer. In some property construction work may have began and your options are limited to the selection of a most suitable unit based on location, orientation and layout of the property within the development. Vastu consultation at this stage will help you to buy a property that is fundamentally right that does not require extensive modifications to meet your needs.
Design Stage

After finalising the property, next stage is a designing of the property as per vastu. Appropriate recommendations can be make to ensure that property supports the specific the needs of the business owner in such areas as business growth, expansion and harmony.

Ready or Existing Property

Here you have just taken possession of the property and want to carry out interior or renovation works to optimize the vastu vibrations of the property within the constraints of the existing structure. You are also particularly concerned about the smooth flow of the energy, utilization of spaces in the place and especially the correct placement and orientation of the main door, cabins, manufacturing divisions, Power stations, canteen & much more.

On-Site & off- Site Vastu Consultation Services

On-Site Services

We usually start with a thorough assessment of the Internal as well external environment of the property which involves taking accurate compass measurements , analysing shape and size of the property & much more.
The whole process typically takes about 1 to 2 hours, but can take longer for large industries, complex buildings to examine each & every aspect in greater depth.
At the end of the consultation we provide you with a vastu report containing the plans, calculations, notes, recommendations etc. to enable you to continue to use the Vastu Shastra in new situations.
We also advise you on enhancements, cures, timing, changes to the building & its surroundings etc.
We always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about.

Off-Site Services

However we recognize that the cost of travel can be prohibitive if the property is located in a city or country far away from our office. With the advent of the digital scanning, digital photography & the Internet , it is now possible to provide Vastu Consultations remotely. You can mail or fax us scan copy of your site for a quick vastu opinion & consultation.
We are pleased to offer to you both options. Please use our on-site Vastu consulting services if your property is nearby or off-site services if it is located at a distance .

Quotation for Vastu services

We request you to inform the following informations to quote the charges for vastu consultation services:-
1.Size/area of the premises
2.Location of the site
3.Details on the site i.e. no. of floors, rooms,apxm area of constructions etc.
Along with above please also provide plot map/proposed layout/photographs etc. for quick vastu services.

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