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How to buy a property with good vastu?

buying vastu property

1. Always buy a new plot or “successful” premises. A new premises does not have a history, making these the optimal choice. However, if you are looking at a preowned premises, buy one from someone who is moving into a bigger location, got a grand success and is moving to a large space. Property that are for sale from a bankrupt is not the best choice. To purchase such premises mean that you are buying those problems too. How so? The property might be the problem. Or, there might be a landscape which may causing the difficulty. It’s best to avoid these kinds of premises.

2.When moving into a preowned location, it is important to clear the energies of the previous occupant. You can do this by cleaning, painting and replacing non working plumbings. You can have the energies cleared professionally. This means you interrupt the energy flow, and will not get stuck with any bad luck the previous owners had!<

3. Irregular shape of the property creates missing corner and missing direction. Try to buy a regular-shaped property or plot. Square or rectangle shaped lots are especially good.

4. Pre owned property should be examined by professional expert.

5. If the premises faces open land or has a wide, open area in north or east, then it is extremely auspicious. This brings unlimited opportunities in the business.

6. If there is a tree too close to the property, especially if it is in line with the front door, this is not good and will prevent opportunities for the company.

7. Be sure to look at the approach to the property. If the road ends at a straight line to the house, this is not at all good. This can be corrected with the pyramids or Plants.


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