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  • Vastu Consultation via E-mail

E mail Vastu Consultation

We have conducted long distance consultations for New York (USA), Dubai, Muscat(UAE), New Jersey, San diego, Tanzania, Kenya, Huston, London(UK), Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Belgium, Pakistan, Sri Lanka as well as in many cities within India.

In order for us to conduct an offsite vastu consultations, you need to provide us the followings: Brief note about the surrounding of the site i.e. road, trees, river, mountain, lifts, staircase, religious places etc. Floor plan or Rough sketch ( with directions) of the site or Architect's or builder's plan, if you have. Photographs of the site covering important area, if possible.

Vastu report will focus on following important area:-

Strength of the Premises according to Vastu
Vastu Layout with two options
Vastu report with suggestion for all sectors/rooms/departments
Cures for Vastu defect, if any
Energizing the area for more success
Using colours for harmony and positive vibrations
& much more

Report Copy:-

We provide you with a comprehensive report that is easy to read and follow. This report will include recommendations that are easy to implement. Report will be sent to you by e-mail or courier.

Telephone & Email Back-up support:-

We are always there to assist you after consultation should you have any queries in relation to the property you have consulted.
We always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about.

Quotatation for Vastu services

We request you to inform the following informations to quote the charges for vastu consultation services:-
1.Size/area of the premises
2.Location of the site
3.Details on the site i.e. no. of floors, rooms,approximate area of constructions etc.
Along with above please also provide plot map/proposed layout/photographs etc. for quick vastu services.

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