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Producing quality goods or services

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Customer satisfaction and customer retention depends upon the quality of product or services. There are numerous factors that are involved when a potential customer decides from whom they will purchase goods or services. A decision may be price driven, or a product may be so unique that there is only a single source for it. If that supplier has a record of consistent quality and service, a potential customer is more likely to place their business into its hands.

Your will surprise that what does Vastu Shastra have to do with the quality of product or services ?

Today more and more businesses are turning to Vastu Shastra, as owner recognize the need to transform the workplace. This is in order to be able to cope with and adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing world to help build a solid foundation for stability, effectiveness and prosperity in business.

Producing a product of Zero defect is now in your hand. Followings are some of the strong vastu tenets:-

Your unit should be located on the south & west quadrant of the plot or premises. More open space should be provided on the east as well as north side of the premises. North- East zone has most auspicious and strong positive vibrations .In Vastu, it is important to harness positive energy and allow it to flow freely. It allows auspicious flow of energy, removes all obstacles and create more open space. This arrangement make the site helping to produce almost zero defect quality products. In addition to this more windows should be provided at north and west wall of the building to capture maximum auspicious flow of energy.

Borewell or underground tank is highly recommended at north east sector. Many technical problems can be solved with such location of water element at north east. Company will be able to offer a world class quality product or services to its valued customers. A lower level in the northeast allows the positive magnetic energy coming from the north and the positive solar energy (ultraviolet rays) coming from the east to enter your property and house. This downward slope to the northeast allows water to flow there and absorb the positive energies. Then this positive magnetic energy can flow unobstructed to the southwest where it is deposited. The higher level in the south and west protects you from harmful gamma and infrared rays.

North East sector should never be disturbed by putting a electronic transformer, septic tank or toilet block. Location of hill or elevated land at north east will also considered a big vastu defect. Such arrangement will be solely responsible for the bad quality product. Company will never be able to provide a satisfied services to the customer or a defect free product to the buyer

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