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Corporate Vastu Consultation

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vastu for corporates

Day by day demand for Vastu Shastra is increasing in the business world. Creating a harmonious environment is just as important
in your business as in your home. Studies proved that when work environment is optimized, productivity increases by 30%. By
utilizing vastu techniques, it can improve workers/employees morale, customer satisfaction and overall success in business.

When to Apply Vastu Shastra

1. At the time of making a new office
2. Restructuring the office
3. If you are finding a difficulty in business, employee harmony or marketing of product/services

Important points to be considered while following
Vastu rules for the Corporate or private offices

1. Shape of the plot, Buidling and offices
2. Main Entrance of the site, office, building
3. Main Door (Entrance) View
4. Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff
5. Place of Financial department
6. Staff placement & orientations
7. Location & arrangments of the conference room
8. Direction of the Owner/Staff
9. Direction of the Marketing activities/Display
10. Colours for interior & exterior of the office
11. Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc
12. Direction of the Pantry, Canteen
13. Placement of the Toilets
14. Direction of the windows
15. Location of a Higherzone/lower zone
16.Location fo Dry zone/Wet zone
17. Placement of various office gadgets like computer, fax, Server etc..

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