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Vastu elements for Industries

vastu elements industires

• Plot Size & location :- The plot should be ideally face the cardinal direction i.e. N-S, E-W. Tilt of 10 to 12 degree is acceptable.

Surrounding of the site should also to be considered while buying a plot for the industry. Placement like Water element (river, canel, pond ), Earth element (mountain) , Fire element( electric pole, transfomer) should be carefully observed.

• Main Entrance of the Plot & Factory :- Entrance of the factory which is of a prime importance should be marked at the exact location with the help of vastu expert. Each direction has a positive as well as negative blocks and hence opening of a door should be at the perfect point as suggested in the vastu plan.

• Location of the Main Machineries :- Machinery being a heavy component should be placed at a weight zone of the entire contructed part. Any heavy machinery kept at free zone will cause a poor production for the unit.

• Location of Cooling plant, Water tank etc :- Placing water body at appropriate location brings mass production with better quality. Wrong location of water element affect the quality of the product manufactured in the unit.

• Location of Fire gadgets like boiler, control panel, transformer, furnace etc :- These are the important components of the fire element of vastu. Like kitchen in the house, electricity (transformer) is a key factor in the prosperity and growth of the business unit. Warm fire corner brings much more productivity for the business

• Location of Raw Material & Finished Goods :- Finished goods moves faster if they are placed in the wind zone of the factory. This also depends upon the weight of the raw material and finished goods.

• Worker placement – Workers facing to energy direction brings much more production. Forbidden direction should be avoided as this brings a frequent absentism from the workers.

• Location of Canteen :- Canteen being a fire element should be placed at proper location to have a sound health of the workers and staff.

• Location of Office at factory :- Administrative office of the unit should be ideally at master zone to have a effective control over the entire unit.

• Direction of Septik & toilets :- Toilet and septic can bring serious bad luck for the unit, if they are placed at energy zone of the unit. Careful planning is required while drawing a factory layout.

• Colours for interior & exterior of the factory:- Colours can elevate or depress the mood of the people working in the unit. Based on the business activity & direction , colours should be selected carefully

• Direction of lower/higher zone :-This being an important point to be considered while planning the elvation & floors , so energy zone are kept more open to access cosmic vibrations.

• Roof arrangements :- Slope of roof towards wrong direction should be avoided.

• Workers & Staff quarters :- Workers or staff becomes dominating, if they are placed at the master zone. They becomes sick and energyless , if placed at spiritual corners. Their rooms, sleeping directions and door entrance should be designed according to vastu rules to bring harmony at work place

Other key considerations:-

• Factory guest house

• Dry zone/Wet zone

• Tranquility zone

• Road & plot boundry

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