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Vastu Solar energy -East Direction

vastu solar energy east

Sun is the source of energy - Solar energy is the force for sustaining life on Earth.The sun is the prime energy force we experience. The sun provides light, heat and a gravitational anchor that keeps us in orbit. We There is much research to show that the sun influences us with emotions changing according to our exposure to the sun. Every day the sun repeats a cycle that nourishes our locations with an energetic rhythm.

Importance of Direction-East:-
1. Business locations having more open space towards the east are found to be very strong in research. Hence in any vastu layout, research section is always placed in eastern zone of the office premises.
2. Factories having more open space towards the east ompared to west are found more progressive year after year.
3. More open space towards the east brings prestige to the business establishment.
4. If you have more open space towards the west than east, it will cause unavoidable delays in your work.
5. A plot with road towards the east is called a prosperous road.
6. A business progress may hamper if you have a staircase towards the east.

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