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Vastu for Infrastructure projects, Hydro Projects, Metro Projects

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vastu for infra projects

Large projects can be completed with a minimum obsctacles, if Vastu rules are followed from the begining. Any project like Hydro power, Metro Project, Infrastructure project, Irrigation projects as well as site offices can be planned under the vastu guidance.

When to Apply Vastu Shastra

1. At the time of planning a site office for the project
2. If you are finding a difficulty in completion of the project on hand

Important points to be considered while following Vastu rules
for the Infrastructure project, Hydro Power project or Metro Project

1. Location of the Site offices, entrances, seating arrangement of the managers, engineers and staff
2. Start up vastu suggestions so the project can be completed within stipulated time
3. Location of contractor offices
4. Place of project material & spare storage
5. Display area for the projects
6. Staff and workers canteen
7. Vehicle & Machinery zone
8. Workers quarters
9. Location of trasformer/power station for the project
10. Direction of Septik & toilets.

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