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Accurate Compass Reading for Vastu Analysis-Vastu Consultation

Accurate compass reading for vastu, feng shui

Most important part of vastu analysis is taking an accurate compass reading This is one of the most important factor while making a vastu layout for the plot, offices or factory. If your compass reading is not accurate then your vastu is off. This is where the vastu consultation begins.
There are eight directions indicated by the magnetic compass. The four main cardinal directions are North, South, East & West. The four secondary directions are Northeast, Southwest, South east & Northwest. Each of these directions describes a 45 degree arc on the circumference.

Instructions for use of compass:-
1. Acquire a good quality compass from the stationary or reputed Vastu- feng shui shop
2. Do not keep any metal objects close to the compass like watch, ring, bracelet etc. while taking a reading.
3. Keep mobile phone away while using a metallic compass
4. Take your first reading from the main gate facing inside of the property. Take second reading from the centre of the premise. A last reading must be taken from the far corner of the location .Taking a three readings you can feel confident that your compass reading is consistent. If you have inconsistent readings there may be some metallic or electrical interference or you may be standing in the vicinity of metal objects. Move locations and determine your general compass orientation.

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