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Vastu business Office Paintings & Picture

vastu painting pictures in businessvastu painting pictures in business

Much of what we know today about ancient culture has been learned from ancient artwork. Philosophy and symbolism play a huge role in every culture. Like in home, Every object in the business also has a strong influence on the business as well as people working there. Paintings connects you to your work culture. During our vastu consultation, we have seen many houses having paitings in work area which does not evoke any positive feelings leading to the poor performance by the employees.
Using a paintings and pictures is one of the best way to bring a work supporting energies influencing finance, research, harmony, growth & reputation. It provides a vibrant energy that need to have a great day for all those working in the area. Although painting preferences may vary from business to business, there are still some basic rules to kept in mind while choosing an painting for business premises
Select a picture which inspire the team. The artwork should invoke instant vibrant but comfortable energy once you look at the picture.
Pictures can be used to shift , improve, correct & balance the energy in your business environment.

Types of Painting which can be used in various business -corporate locations:-
Earth element paintings:- Mountains, Crystals, Towers etc.
Wind Element pictures:- Wind forest, wind horses etc.
Water element pictures:- Rivers, Water falls etc.
Fire element pictures:- Candles, Pyramids etc.
Space element pictures:-Sky, Lotus etc.
Green Zone :- Bamboo, green forest etc

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