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Industrail Vastu Consultation

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vastu for industries

Day by day demand for Vastu Shastra is increasing in the business world. Creating a harmonious environment is just as important in your business as it is in your home. Studies prove that when work environment is optimized, productivity increases by 30%. By utilizing vastu techniques, it can improve workers/employees morale, customer satisfaction and overall success in business.

When to Apply Vastu Shastra

1. At the time of planning a new project
2. Restructuring the existing manufacturing unit
3. If you are finding a difficulty in production, employee harmony or quality issue at your unit

Important points to be considered while following
Vastu shastra for Industry

1. Plot Size & location
2. Plot Boundry
3. Main Entrance of the Plot & Factory
4. Location of the Main Machineries
5. Location of Cooling plant, Water tank etc
6. Location of Fire gadgets like boiler, control panel, transformer, furnace etc
7. Location of Raw Material & Finished Goods
8. Worker placement
9. Location of Canteen
10. Location of Office at factory
11. Direction of Septik & toilets
12. Colours for interior & exterior of the factory
13. Direction of lower/higher zone
14. Dry zone/Wet zone
15. Roof arrangements
16. Staff quarters
17. Tranquility zone
18. Energy Dowsing
19. Master Spot
20. Power Spot
21. Factory guest house.

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Industrial Layout- Floor Plan

  • Vastu power for Harmonious layout

We have considerable experience with many manufacturing industries in preparing a harmonious vastu layout. This includes plot layout, building layout, floor plan, machinery orientation, elevation, weight zone, tranquility zone etc.
Principal Industries served:-
Oil Manufacturing
Copper manufacturing companies
Chemical industries
Garment industries
Plastic Industries
Ship building

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