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Vastu or vaastu is the oldest and most complete system of architecture in the world. The reason for its recent interest in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia is that people looking harmony and peace of mind. There’s a greater awareness now that our physical environment does affect the quality of our life. Western people are now more attracted towards the spiritual and ancient sciences of eastern countries. There are simple Vastu corrections that people can do to any structure, anywhere in the world, that will bring improvements in their lives. Vastu is gaining acceptance all over the world by business houses and individuals. We predict it will be the hot trend all over the world in coming time. There are so many books are published all over the world, which shows the growing popularity of vastu science.
If we observe current society in recent years, there is a growing interest in the knowledge of alternative medicine and health in pursuit of a better way of life. Vastu is the latest treasure of Vedic wisdom to be sweeping across the western world.
We are living in an era where are our activities are thoughtlessly dominated by economic and pragmatic decisions. Consequently we have become more insensitive to the natural laws that govern us. We can see that when we go against nature’s laws we are chastised for our past mistakes, for example, global warming and many unnatural diseases, to name a few.
The effect of our environment can make us feel peaceful or stressful. There is a great deal of stress and pressure on people these days. The Modern architecture only addresses function, comfort and aesthetics.
The aim of Vastu is to create a peaceful, healing environment that supports growth and protects from non-life supporting influences, pollution and geopathic stress. By applying Vastu principles to living and working structures, we reconnect ourselves with natural energies. We decrease negative influences and we attract auspicious energies to help maintain and increase good health, prosperity, and wisdom
During the past decade, many of the basic tenets of environmental psychology have already been incorporated into the building designs of home and offices. Now that popular media has helped to bring interior design and home remodeling into fashion, people are starting to self educate, and in this process they are learning about the field of Environmental Psychology and the unique benefits that this field has for the human population. The fact that individuals from around the globe have opted to hire consultants to design their homes as per vastu.
Vastu will grow more quickly when people understand that you don't have to start from scratch, construction a new environment or totally remolding a pre- existing one, to obtain life- changing benefits.

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